***** F45 Training Corinth is rated 5.0 out of 5 stars, based on 10 reviews!

  • *****

    Love these classes! Challenging workouts, great energy and awesome staff!!

  • *****

    This place is a scam, you cannot advertise a set ROI on any business. Everything depends on market conditions.

  • *****

    I am addicted to f45; but I have seen amazing results! Dropped 10kg and managed to get my body fat down to 6.8%. This format is fun, it works, it builds a great community spirit.
    Get on it

  • *****

    Not your average gym. Good trainers, good classes and a good vibe overall. Worth the extra price compared to regular gyms because of the former.

  • *****

    Structured, organised, complete workout, every muscle, great atmosphere, great trainers, great people with the same focus, same drive and same enthusiasm. I love it, I'm addicted and it makes me feel awesome.

  • *****

    For someone who has a hard time sticking to something, it's bored pretty easily, doesn't really push herself, this type of training is working out… so far. Looking forward to the next session!

  • *****

    Best workout in the world. its the best way to lose weight, tone up and get fit all in one go. and the trainers make the workout fun, exciting and do able!

  • *****

    at first , personally I found its so intense you get dizzy and nearly pass out leaving the work out , but after a few goes you start to love it !

  • *****

    Such a great franchise business!
    Take people's money even if you're not attending a class during the week.
    $66.00 per week is f**king insane for a a gym membership at F45 fix your prices maybe you'd get more people joining and sticking around!!!

  • *****

    I have been going to the F45 in NYC and have nothing but amazing things to say about it!! The workout is amazing and after going 2-3x a week for the last 4 weeks i can tell more of a difference than 5 months of traditional weight lifting! The owners and trainers at F45 Flatiron are so helpful and top notch! If you are in the NYC area check out F45 Flatiron- you will not be disappointed!!

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